F A Q                                                                                                                             

How long I need to change battery?
The battery life will depend on the time you use every day, normally the battery can be use almost 2-3 months in two alkaline AA type batteries.

Why the keyboards have no function after I change or replace battery?
That is ID code loss problem; you just follow the ID setting procedure to setup again.

Why the loss character problem happen when I typing?
That have many reasons will be cause this problem, please follow below check list to find out the problem and solve it.
  a. Did your battery life out of the date?
    Change to new two alkaline AA type batteries and do the ID setting again.
  b. Did other similar Radio Frequency product beside your computer?
  · Redo the ID setting again.
  · Try to move your keyboard receiver away another receiver to increase the anti-
    interference ability, of cause we design this amazing ability in-side our product but we
    can not guarantee it have 100% ability from any interference source. Note. Please
    kindly to check the specification in the effective range in radio transmit, that  mean you
    can not move your receiver out this range with your keyboard.
  c. Did you put receiver near your monitor or some of none antimagnetic speaker?
    Some of monitors have not good EMI protect enough, special is old style CRT type
    monitor which is fabricate before year 2000, so please move your receiver away your
    monitor at less 10cm.   
    Move receiver away from none antimagnetic speaker at less 10cm too.

Keyboard will not Sync by ID setting
That is ID code loss problem; you just follow the ID setting procedure to setup again.
    · Remove the batteries from the keyboard and press keys on the keyboard for approximately one minute. This
    will clear out the capacitors.
    · Make sure the receiver has connected with computer properly.
    · Follow the ID setting process to reset the ID code again.
    · NOTE: You may need a pencil tip or other small tip to press the connect button.