About Solidyear                                                                                                                              

An ISO 9001/14000 certified company
Solid Year Co., Ltd. has been well-established in 1975 and has provided keyboard, mouse and webcam OEM and ODM supports to its customers from USA, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, and Europe. We have a strong R&D team, and various products such as 10-key keypad, and mini, POS, notebook, wireless, USB, multimedia keyboards; optical, wireless mice, and keyboard and web cameras. Our production capacity reaches 1,100,000 units of keyboards and 300,000 units of webcams monthly. To ensure end-to-end quality, Solid Year Boasting in-house R&D, molding, plastic injection, assembly, testing, and packing capabilities, is ideally appointed to reliably deliver quality, flexibility, and added-value faster than the competition.

The webcam series are designed around quality image sensors for optimal versatility to meet the need for innovative and compact designs. In addition to standard modules, Solid Year delivers proven expertise in custom designs to suit a broad range of specialized needs.

Company story
1975   Solid Year started to make molding for plastic injection.
1985   Solid Year started keyboard sub-contractor business.
1986   Solid Year started calculator sub-contractor business.
1992   Solid Year started manufacturing keyboard business.
1997   Solid Year received ISO 9002 certification.
2000   Solid Year launched the Optoelectronics Division for webcams.
2004   Solid Year received ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2005   Solid Year received 14001:1996 certification.
2006   Solid Year received RoHS and 6 sigma certification.
            Increases sets up  SMT automatic production line.
2007  The capacity of the factory surpasses 1 million pieces.
2008  IE Management has been carried out in the factory.
2010  PLM system is introduced into factory